Elizabeth Harrington

Hi! I'm Elizabeth Harrington. The world sees me as a Change Agent/Maverick Entrepreneur (Power/Innovator)

Do you want to know how the world sees you? 

My Unique Fascination profile is Bold, Inventive and Edgy. 

“We must learn as fast as the world is changing, to be relevant in business and life today.” Bill Taylor Co-Founder of Fast Company 

With dizzying speed the world of business is accelerating, and I am fascinated by how new technology intersects with people now. 

The ability to truly connect with like-minded people is the key differentiator today between whether you’ll struggle or thrive with your online marketing efforts. 

This is the most exciting time to be in business today if you are open to change, an insatiable learner and have a spirit of adventure as you explore a new world! 

The online space has morphed into the perfect platform to be curious and crazy, get inspired, and collide with unusual collaborators. Benevolent troublemakers need community, a space to play, and opportunities to collide. (BIF) 

I believe the web has created the perfect sandbox to drive conversation and creativity. 

Truth bomb… that last sentence makes my heart race and my pulse quicken. 

I hope you’ve taken the How the World Sees You assessment to discover what your Brand Archetype is. If not, click here. 


My Zone of genius or signature talent is “strategic insight.” 

“Strategic insight” is the ability to help people, just like YOU, see around the corners, identify, then remove roadblocks and customize innovative solutions. 

Why does any of this matter to you? 

Self awareness is one of the key elements each of us with an entrepreneurial spirit needs today to thrive. 

People also want to know you, your personal brand as well as the company brand message. 

“As if business today wasn’t complex enough”... 

you may be mumbling to yourself, but the reality is the world wants to know why you’re fascinating and unique enough to stop long enough to find out what you’re about. 

The biggest challenge for any entrepreneur today, is to Stand Out in a sea of sameness AND noisy, very distracted marketplace. 

Hence the quiz about how the world sees you. 

Imagine putting on a brand NEW pair of “PERSPECTACLES” and SEEING through a fresh lens. 

This is what I’m really good at doing. 

It makes sense that I also love doing it - for my own businesses and helping other entrepreneurs blast through roadblocks to their own business growth and success. 

What's compelling to me is - today marketing is all about communicating with people, employing authentic and real strategies to deepen the connection with them and build enduring relationships with them. 

The heartfelt art of storytelling, is gaining popularity again as this is one of the best ways to reach people where they’re at, on the medium they want-in terms of video, podcasting, blogs, and so many other ways. 

These are the modern ways to tell stories, instead of on a cave wall or around a fire, to create meaningful person to person experiences. 

Yes I have years of experience in the IT industry, but if you're looking for the nerd crew or the geek squad, I'm not your gal... if polishing pixels sounds interesting to you, and you love coding for hours, just know I would rather stab myself in the eyeball with a pencil than do that... ever… 

Like many of you reading this, I have been confused, overwhelmed, and disappointed by too many mixed marketing promises – all identifying my pain of being overwhelmed by too much technology and all offering easy push button solutions to the tech issues so I could focus on bringing my message and products to help people and the tech head aches would be eliminated. 

Ha*&^%$# !

My own self-confidence started to ebb, as I always ended up in the same place-another rabbit hole, filled with good intentions but empty promises and few if any results, other than a leaner bank account. 

Elizabeth Harrington Online Marketing

I was also an active participant of chasing too many balls at once or what we like to call it- the “chasing the next shiny object” syndrome. 

 This cost me time, a lot of money and caused me to question whether or not, it was even possible for me to make it in the digital world. 

 I had NEVER put in so much time and energy in anything before and had such POOR ROI (as in my results sucked). 

 Put up against the time and money invested in learning how to market and sell online while building an audience (list) that mattered, my results really sucked! 

 Then as the story of the hero’s journey says, one fateful day, I arrived at a fork in the road, and took the path that led me to one of the fastest growing companies in the USA (148th out of INC 5000 for 2016) and the fastest growing for the past 2 years in Minnesota, called Leadpages. 

Today, I am fully certified by Leadpages, in advanced digital marketing strategies, with a focus on understanding the Four Stages of the Customer Journey. Also visit our Directory Profiles (see below). 

Awareness Stage of Customer Journey

Awareness Stage People become aware of You. 

Browsers to Visitors

Consideration Stage of Customer Journey

Consideration Stage People are interested in learning more.

Visitors to Leads

Leads to Customers

Commerce Stage People become your customers. 

Leads to Customers

Customers to Promoters

Loyalty 'Fan' Stage People love your products and service.

Customers to Fans

With Corinne Floyd, a senior member of the “E” team, we are both fully qualified in the advanced certification training in marketing automation, also known as “psychic marketing!”  

Finally, I found the training and strong foundational digital marketing training I needed to fully understand the massive changes going on and also to understand the subtle differences of truly connecting with today’s customers online. 

Now, I am able to bring decades of professional executive leadership experience, mostly in sales, training and consulting, combine that with a fascination and passion for turning browsers into buyers, then buyers into raving fans in the online marketing world today. 

Now I’m ready to help other entrepreneurs avoid a lot of the same problems I had, and fully optimize their digital marketing efforts.

Random Bits 

I like to disrupt the status quo (I can hear my husband laughing in the kitchen when I read this out loud) 

Critical thinking is a key strength. 

I have worked with, learned from and consulted with experts such as Brendon Burchard, Pam Hendrickson, Clay Collins CEO of LeadPages, Richard Leider of Inventure Group, Mike Koenigs of Traffic Geyser and Publish and Profit, Paul Colligan, Podcast Expert, Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger, Michael Hyatt of Platform U, Ray Edwards, Joel Comm, Mari Smith and many many many more. 

I have my university degree in English Literature and Drama (Journalism and Organizational Development were fav minors) from University of Western Ontario. 

I use my love for reading, writing and story-telling every day 

I am a road warrior 

I am a rebel at heart 

Fun Facts 

I have dipped my toes in the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Mediterranean 

I met my husband at Disney World ( no kidding) 

I love everything about the Hawaiian Islands 

I learned to surf at 50 in Maui 

I sailed the Whitsunday Islands in Australia (Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Daydream Island, South Molle Island and more) on a chartered sloop with two friends. Awesomeness I experienced has been life altering. 

I took emergency driving classes with the Toronto Paramedics in the ‘90’s.( I was a consultant for them) I was the first female and the only driver (in my class) who did not crash their vehicle 

I shake my booty through dance movement everyday 

I have also danced the Hula with Hawaiian dancers, Nia movement dance in Troncones, Mexico, Disco at Studio 54, New York City, Soul Jam in New Orleans and there are more stories …many more… 

I am a travel journalist. ( just need more time to do this) 

A proud member of ITWPA (International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance 

Launching a web & video network New PrimeTime Living Show to showcase people living extraordinary lives 

I have read EVERY word that Shakespeare wrote 

I love Dr. Seuss 

My favorite book is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand 

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